What to do when a loved one passes away

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We need a worksheet to detail what needs to be done when a loved one passes. (I've seen the existing worksheets about losing a spouse or parent). I think this should be divided into time-frame sections; 1) Urgent/Immediate Action 2) 3-9 months out 3) 12+ months out
1) a) Notify family members
b) Notify employer(s) if they were employed
C) Notify financial advisor(s), banks
c) Provide care for minor children, aging parents, those with special needs and/or pets that the
loved one was responsible for.
d) Secure any real property and/or important possessions
e) Make funeral/service arrangements
f) Conduct a will search and other important legal documents
g) Determine what bills need to be paid until the estate/trust can be settled (electric, water bill, property taxes, insurance, etc)

2) a) Contact an attorney to determine if probate or other legal action is needed
b) Contact CPA to determine if tax returns need to be filed (estate return?)

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Comments: 0