What Issues Should I Consider When Preparing to Change Jobs

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"Starting a job" and "getting laid off"...those are the checklists now available.

But, so much financial planning concepts can be considered when deciding whether or not to make an employment transition:
- What pay is needed?
- Is there a commute difference?
- What benefits are needed (self, spouse, child)?
- Emergency Cash/Cash Reserves (negotiate from a position of power...not desperation)?
- Do the values/mission of the new organization align with self (correlation with individual tenure)?
- Educational benefits? Contribute to loan forgiveness?
- Virtual vs in-person and the impact on budget and lifestyle?

Granted, a few of these are comparing the status quo vs optimal, but the list can go on...

Watching the "Great Resignation" occur, and the development of "Quiet Quitting", there should be a resource to help our clients navigate their decisions on whether to change employment voluntarily - by either resigning or obtaining a new job - and in an informed manner.

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Comments: 0