Considerations for Multiple Generations Living Under One Roof

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• What kind of care will your aging parent need at home?
• How much personal assistance and supervision can you provide?
• Do you have someone at home who can help you?
• Do you have children?
• Do you work?
• Whose name is on the deed and whose name is on the mortgage?
• Who is in charge of paying the bills?
• How’s your relationship with your aging parents?
• Is your house too high-tech for your older family members?
• Can you negotiate all the different smells and odors?
• Can utilities be split proportionally?
• Does one party have a occupancy agreement or a rental agreement with the other?
• Were any gifts made between parties when acquiring the property or building an Inlaw suite?
• What if the arrangement doesn’t work out, do you have a game plan for how one would move on?
• Can you combine resources to get a new home that would provide a better living arrangement for everyone?
• Can your siblings or other relatives help pay for your parents’ cost of care?

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