Good Money Habits to Build

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Pay yourself first: set aside income to invest for the future and benefit from compound returns (e.g. 401K out of sight, out of mind saving or automatic transfers to investment/brokerage accounts)
Track your spending: know where your money is going, periodically consider expenses to drop if they are a necessity, write your bill due dates on a calendar
Plan ahead for major purchases when you know they are coming
Create a safety net: build up an emergency saving to cover expenses
Pay on time, every time: avoid interest expense and improve your credit score by paying your bills on time
Set an annual reminder to check your credit reports, every 12 months
Set up alerts to stay on top of your checking account balance (many bank apps have this integrated as an option for users)
Know where your credit stands: check your credit report to make sure it is accurate
Write down your goals and concrete steps to take to achieve them – save for specific goals

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Comments: 1

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